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English Cambridge Exams B1-C1

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What is Cambridge English?

Your level is determined by a recognizable English certificate offered by Cambridge. If you don't score at least 60% in the B2/C1 exam or 70% in the B1, you could fail. You can take the examinations on a computer or on paper, and they don't cost much—typically less than 170 euros. The exam usually lasts around 2.5 hours and the speaking part is done in pairs. These qualifications are for learners who need English for career and higher education purposes.

Why is it so popular?

Compared to the IELTS, the Cambridge has many more testing locations. There is a Cambridge testing center in almost every city worldwide. In Europe, taking these tests is fairly prevalent. Over 25,000 academic institutions all over the world accept this exam. They increase job possibilities and provide access to higher education. You can study for this exam using a variety of helpful books and tools, and you can see a ton of examples on YouTube. Many students choose to take this exam rather than the IELTS because it is slightly easier to prepare for.

What's the difference between the Cambridge and the IELTS?

They both cost roughly the same in price and both can be paper or computer based exams. Unlike the Cambridge Speaking where you have two examiners and two candidates taking the test, in the IELTS you only have 1-1. The listening extracts are played twice in the Cambridge making it easier, however, in the IELTS it is only played once. The writing and reading is very different, IELTS writing part 1 involves describing a graph, bar chart etc. The reading extracts in the IELTS are in my opinon more difficult as they are more technical and involve difficult vocabulary but on the other hand you avoid difficult grammar like they have in the Cambridge.

Help with the Cambridge Speaking

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to know how to prepare for the Cambridge Speaking is first of all watch some Youtube videos to get the overall feel for it and how long you have to talk for and the types of questions involved and then finally get some help from an expert. I can guide you in the right direction, give you some friendly advice on which areas you need to improve on and what the examiner will listen for.

Pablo (13 years old) - Spain

I want to get a B2 level so I am considering taking my official exam this summer. I am learning online with Lyndsey from a Book called Ready for first and that way I can practice all areas of the exam. This is a useful book to prepare you and I like learning online because it's more comfortable.

Cambridge Speaking Audios

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