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About The English Coyote

The English Coyote's mission is to assist people in learning English to the fullest extent possible. Learning English from a qualified teacher online is currently gaining popularity all around the world.
Learning online while at home or at work has numerous benefits, including the ability to choose the days and times that work best for you, the avoidance of traffic and parking hassles, and the opportunity to work with a private tutor on your weak areas. In contrast to a typical language academy or school, you must keep up with the class, read along with them, and speak at their rate. You may even find yourself too shy to ask questions in front of the class. There is no need to purchase books or use excessive amounts of paper because everything is readily available online.
You are not obligated to accept after a free trial during which we will make sure everything is functioning properly and go over your needs.


What we do at The English Coyote


Zoom Group English Courses

ielts english groups online
2 students 40 minutes
IELTS Writing and Speaking
Exam Based
€16 in total
esl group conversations
3 students 40 minutes
Small Group Conversation
€18 in total
b1 english group classes
2-4 students 60 minutes
B1 or B2 Cambridge
€20 in total
english teacher for kids online
2 Students 50 minutes
Kids Box
ages 6+
€18 in total
cambridge speaking intensive groups
2 students 30 minutes
Cambridge Speaking Exam Format
Exam Format
€14 in total
web design course beginners
2 Students 60 mins
Web design & development courses for beginners
€24 in total
Need a piece of writing checking?

Proofreading English Service

We ensure your document sounds natural and profesional with our affordable, secure and fast service.

  • £12 for 1000 words
  • £20 for 2000 words
  • 2 days delivery

What our students say


Which exam should I take?

Nowadays there are many English tests and exams to choose from, but choosing the right one is very important. The most popular ones are Cambridge and IELTS. Let me explain their differences.

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How to prepare for the IELTS

There is more to the IELTS than you think, and you have to do your research before you take the exam. Watch YouTube videos to get a feel for the speaking as well as what the examiner will be listening for.

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My child is not learning at school

There are a number of reasons why your child is not improving in their English at school. In a typical school class there are around 30 children, it can be difficult to focus with that many children.

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About Us

The English Coyote is based mostly on learning English as a foreign or second language online with a native teacher. Along with teaching fundamental web design and development, we also offer proofreading services for written work. All levels, starting at age 6, are taught by us. Before proceeding, please read our terms & conditions.

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