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Lyndsey Whittle

British Online ESL Teacher

Hello, I am Lyndsey your online English Teacher. I was born in Greater Manchester, England, but I mostly live in Spain and work during the summer teaching in Manchester. I have been teaching English as a second language since 2012, and I obtain the TEFL and CELTA. I have taught all ages, levels and various nationalities, but I prefer to teach ages over 6 years old.
I have pretty much taught everything from young learners elementary, A2-C1 Cambridge levels, IELTS preparation and short intensive IELTS mock speakings. I have taught Business English to Doctors and prepared people for job interviews in the UK. I can tailor make courses to suit the learners needs and I have many popular students books to use, so there's no need to print anything.

Why did you choose to become an ESL Teacher?

Well, it's definitely not the money because, believe me, it doesn't pay well, especially in Spain, and it's never really a steady job, but after spending a lot of tedious hours in front of a computer, dealing with office bullies and gossip, I was ready for a change. Later, I volunteered to help foreigners in an English class in my hometown and I loved it, that's when I knew that I wanted to become an ESL Teacher. Not only do I get to meet people from different countries which I find interesting but evey day is a different day, you also get to learn while you teach, seeing an improvement in my students progress and helping them pass an exam is very rewarding.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I strive to identify each student's unique learning style and adapt my teaching to it because, as you are probably aware, there are many distinct learning types, including visual, aural, verbal, and others. Now, that doesn't imply that I cave in to my kids' demands to simply want to draw or play games, of course, but rewarding them with these enjoyable activities or having them do them for the final 10 minutes often changes how they view learning. The majority of the books I use cover all those topics, particularly Kids Box, which I think is great and draws kids in with its music, movies, and enjoyable activities. I do my best to use a variety of techniques, but I also pay attention to what my older pupils need to do whether that's to prepare for an exam or complete an assignment etc.

Do you have a particular methodology?

I never stick to strict methodology I work around my students needs, but I always test their understanding by using ICQs (questions related to the topic). I frequently underline words and ask them to define them or to use the words in a sentence. When a student is reading and makes numerous mistakes, I would only jot down or fix the most significant ones. It's crucial to refrain from continually interrupting the learner because doing so can undermine their confidence. For instance, if I were to teach a lesson about a famous person, I would begin by showing them a little video, followed by questions about it, perhaps a short reading passage with a gap fill, and finally, I would invite them to write an original essay about that person. With very young learners I love to use kids box but if they struggle with spelling then I will from time to time give them a spelling test to do. If my students need to focus for an important exam then of course I will work around that.

What are the most difficulties when teaching?

Oh, lots! Where do I start? To those teachers who portray themselves as though they never encounter any issues is obviously lying! Let's start with the first issue, which is that so many young students today are failing tests as a result of their dependence on mobile phones. It's common advice to tell students to put their phones away, but many of them ignore it. When teaching children in a classroom, particularly males, their high levels of energy can be a problem. This, of course, varies by country, but it can be difficult to keep them under control. Another issue is that if you try to tell students that they aren't yet ready to take an exam, they won't listen, and if they fail, it will reflect poorly on you. Finally, cancellations and punctuality, yes there's always one and that's why you need terms and conditions or rules in a classroom because they just continue doing it otherwise.

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